Player of the Season Award
Player of the Season
Description Awarded to the player who played the best game that season. 
Tenure Season 19-64

The Player of the Season Award is awarded to one Survivor contestant every season who the public believed played the best game of the cast. The award was discontinued after low ratings on Survivor: Japan


Season Winner
Heroes vs. Villains Benry
Amazon Danielle
Greece Googla
British Isles James
Bermuda Lara
Nicaragua Bobby
Polynesia Coral
Outcast Island Erinn
Sacrifice Island Ozzy
Guatemala Tanner
Tahiti Constantine
Winner Takes All Benry
Vanuatu Chad
Thailand Rob
Maldives Parvati
Marquesas George
Fans vs. Favorites Constantine
Cook Islands Orson
Brazil Neleh
Gabon Kollin
Outback Colton
Palau Theodore
Sahara Warren
Malaysia Brad
New Zealand Christian
Panama Bryan
Superstars Parvati
Indonesia Bryce
Arabia Brendon
Congo Jade
Solomon Islands Boston
Extravaganza Graham
South China Sea Whitney
Pacific Levi
Caribbean Vivien
Ancient Civilization Cruz
South Africa Salewski
Egypt Joey
Azores Paul
Sri Lanka Jake
Comoros Annie
Archipelago Cruz
Easter Island Charlotte
India Cas
Tanzania Christina
Japan Dalton

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