The following is a list of records set during the course of Survivor

Most Individual Immunity Wins in a Single SeasonEdit

Rank Castaway Immunity Wins Season
1 Bobby 6 Nicaragua
Drew D. Nigeria
2 Benry 5 Tonga
Cheesey Winner Takes All
Marty Marquesas
Constantine Fans vs. Favorites
Adam Cook Islands
3 Chocolate 4 South Pacific
Snickers Australia
Wade Madagascar
Basset Belize
Benry Winners vs. All-Stars
Heroes vs. Villains
Donny Cape Verde
Kollin Gabon
Spencer Kiribati
Salewski Dodranscentennial
Gavin Fans vs. Favorites II
Nye Reclamation

Most Votes Against in a Single SeasonEdit

Rank Castaway Votes Against Season
1 Kelly 33 Reclamation
2 Jordan 25 Romania
3 Pawla 21 Belize
Steve Blood vs. Water
4 Wade 20 Heroes vs. Villains
Rhea Tasmania
5 Snickerdoodle 19 Samoa
Bambo Africa
Mushy Archipelago
Corinne Fans vs. Favorites II
Trent Romania
6 Mel 18 Marquesas
Jord Bali
Conner Canadian Wilderness
7 Westmoreland 17 Cape Verde
Chica Cape Verde
Silas Asia
Case East Timor

The Zero ClubEdit

Castaway Season
Nachos Micronesia
Cheesey Samoa
Ryley American Tribes
Hiporka South Pacific
Chocolate Seychelles
Macadamia Australia
Charles Africa
Landon Philippines
Benry Winners vs. All-Stars
Danielle Bermuda
Benson Outcast Island
Andrew Sahara
Katharine Malaysia
Colby Superstars
Kate Ancient Civilization
Nicole Egypt
Cruz Archipelago
Carly Easter Island
Christina Tanzania
Freddy Exile Island
Lance Asia
Mac Papua New Guinea
Virginia Tasmania
Gavin Fans vs. Favorites II
Ciera Jordan
Sebastian Romania
Hailey Bali
Kathy Blood vs. Water
Charlie Canadian Wilderness

Contestants are bolded if they won their season in addition to receiving zero votes. 

Contestants are bolded and underlined if they played a perfect game. To date, there are only two perfect wins. 

Contestants who received votes voided by immunity idols, were evacuated, quit, or were eliminated by Purple Rock or surprise twists are not included in this list. 

Perfect Games and Ultra-Perfect GamesEdit

For a contestant to play a perfect game, they must make it to Day 39 and win the game with a unanimous jury vote. In addition, they must not have any votes cast against them, even negated idol votes.

For a contestant to play an Ultra Perfect game, they must play a perfect game but also cast every one of their votes for the person who ultimately is eliminated. To date, no one has played an Ultra Perfect Game.

Castaway Season
Benry Winners vs. All-Stars
Nicole Egypt

Undefeated TribesEdit

Rank Tribe Season
1 Jimbirka Galapagos
Usiku Africa
Gaya Malaysia
Jembrana Bali

Most Days PlayedEdit